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Nuts should not be missing from your daily menu. Their power can work wonders at breakfast, in the office or in the armchair.

The nutcracker is made of Granicium® and therefore very robust. The nut can be placed either upright or lying on the anvil in the middle of the bowl. A short, hearty blow with the beechwood mallet cracks the shell. The nut is spared any bruising. Then remove the shell parts and take out the kernel. Simply place the remains in the shell.

Buy unshelled nuts
Shelled nuts are sensitive to aflatoxins. These toxic moulds are usually killed by irradiation or sulphurisation. This is not necessary with whole, unshelled nuts. After all, the shell is not opened until they are eaten.
If you notice that the nut is dried out or smells musty after opening, please do not eat it. Just crack the next one.

Instructions for use
You can actually open all nuts with the nutcracker. However, make sure that you hit a part of the shell that is not sharp. Over time, marks will appear in the wood of the mallet. You can sand these away with a fine sandpaper. The beech wood can be rubbed with vegetable oil and cared for. The bowl can be cleaned by hand with washing-up liquid or in the dishwasher.

Article NUK-GR
22,50 cm
Weight 1,30 kg
Granicium ®

Granicium is characterised by the properties of its raw material, granite. The high quartz and feldspar content makes this ceramic particularly robust and durable.

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Protected from light and well ventilated, your food stays fresh longer