With our braziers, you can enjoy light, warmth and a romantic fire in the garden, on the patio or on the balcony. Denk braziers are made from CeraFlam®.
CeraFlam is permanently heat-proof, stores heat for a long time and does not age. Our braziers can be used to burn wood anywhere outdoors. 
They are transportable and create a wonderful light, a homely atmosphere and a cosy warmth within minutes. What’s more, you can BBQ and roast with every Denk brazier.

Our fired ceramic material

Extraordinary quality requires special materials. This is why we manufacture the braziers from CeraFlam®, our protected DENK fired ceramic material. There is probably no other ceramic material that has such extraordinary properties: The perfect combination of natural beauty and the findings leaned from space research.

Fabian Denk


Feurio is our biggest brazier. It is the ultimate brazier for true fire-lovers, big families or anyone who is looking for elegant design and optimum heat storage. Seven solid CeraFlam ceramic elements are clipped into the sturdy, rust-proof, stainless steel frame. The solid ceramic elements store the warmth of the fire for hours. For barbecuing and roasting, simply assemble the steel grill or matching pan, both available separately. Feurio is stable and safe and a delight for anybody who loves a real fire.

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The Comfy Brazier can be used both as a fire bowl and a heating device – for the garden, terrace or balcony. The solid ceramic elements sit in a frame made of rust-free stainless steel and are extremely good at storing heat. Its raised funnel shape means that the heat is radiated over a large radius. It also means the same amount of heat can be generated for less firewood. In addition, the formal design ensures clean combustion.

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The Feuerfreund is a brazier and heater in one. It is a safe and atmospheric way to enjoy fire, light and warmth in your garden, on the terrace or balcony. The Feuerfreund is robust and hard-wearing, mobile and easy to transport. The solid ceramic bowl is supported by the rust-proof, stainless steel stand. The CeraFlam® bowl is able to absorb and store a lot of heat – approximately 3 x more than steel.

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Our classic, one-piece brazier is easy to transport and allows you to safely experience the feel of a real fire wherever you like, whether in the garden, on the patio, balcony or beach. We can also supply a matching stand if you would like one.

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With the Mini Brazier, children aged 5 and over can learn how to handle fire safely, under adult supervision. This is not just educationally valuable, but also fun. A fire that remains easily controllable at all times is created in the Mini Brazier using twigs and small branches as fuel. We can also supply a matching pan with holder if required. Let’s cook!

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