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Mini Brazier for kids

Zwergenfeuer – Mini Brazier – Ideal for Children

The Zwergenfeuer is particularly suitable for familiarising children with the element of fire. Experience with many groups of children has shown that it is possible for them to learn how to use fire safely with the Zwergenfeuer and to have great fun in the process. Looking into the fire, barbecuing sausages or making “Stockbrot” [bread on a stick] - all that and lots more can be done in safety with the Zwergenfeuer.

All children are curious about fire. Using it, mastering it, experiencing it in a fun way gives children self-confidence and allows them to put fire danger into proportion. This knowledge is particularly valuable for the educational development of the child.

It is a beautiful thing to see the fascination with which children watch the fire, carefully placing little twigs on it and experiencing its heat. In this environment, even the noisiest little scallywag settles down and becomes quiet and calm. Of course, the Zwergenfeuer gives grownups lots of pleasure, too. Since it is a small fire pit, it can be used anywhere in the garden. It provides light and a pleasant heat.

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24 cm
Height 13 cm
Weight 2,10 kg
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Mini brazier CeraFlam®, instructions

CeraFlam ®

CeraFlam is totally fireproof and can store around three times more heat than steel. This type of ceramic is very rare and working with it demands a high level of skill.

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