Good, fresh water plays an important role in manufacturing our products. We need it to prepare the clay in such a way that we achieve optimum results from moulding and drying.

However, because mains water is squeezed into caverns, pipes and conduits, it loses its source activity and therefore also the qualities that are so important for ceramicists. This is why we have devoted almost 20 years to the topic of water activation.

Totally inspired

Yesterday I got my 3 source system installed. There was a certain scepticism! But I have to write to you today because I'm so excited. I'm really glad I took this step.

Sigrid Schüler from Ilsfeld


The 3Quellen device is simply incorporated into the mains water system and keeps on working with no
need for maintenance and without electricity or salts. 3Quellen devices are used all over Europe and we are delighted by the steadily growing number of satisfied customers.


We put our first 3Quellen water activation system into operation for preparing our own clay in 1998. This system combines three known techniques for water activation. Since then, 3Quellen water has been making many of our extremely intricate and complicated ceramic pieces easier to produce. Indeed some of them are only possible with this water.

We filed a patent application for the 3Quellen principle in 2008 and we have also been supplying our devices for private use since then. Active water is not just beneficial for producing ceramics. You can taste, feel and, in many cases, see the difference in the household. You will be surprised how much more your water has to offer you.


The Pulsator is an easy way to activate your drinking water. The forward and backward rotation of the Pulsator creates a double swirl and specifically transfers kinetic energy into the water.

The Pulsator has been designed for up to 2 litres of water. Pour mains water into a vessel. Leave the Pulsator in the water for at least ten minutes. Rotate the Pulsator back and forth for around 20 seconds before drinking.