Celtic Cauldron

The Celtic Cauldron, made from glazed CeraFlam® ceramic, is made for cooking and frying on an open fire or in the oven.

You do not have to use any fat for frying with the Celtic Cauldron. It is flavour-neutral and stays hot for a long time.

Once your meal is ready, you can serve it straight to the table.

The Celts were outstanding ceramicists and worshipped fire, which is why we called our fireproof cookware Celtic Cauldron.

Cooking with the Celtic Cauldron is simple and delicious

The special glaze means that you do not have to use any fat for frying with the Celtic Cauldron. Not only is this healthier, it also gives off a much more intense aroma.

Unlike metal cookware, there is no flavour-altering oxidation with CeraFlam. With the Celtic Cauldron, you simply enjoy the pure, unadulterated flavour of the ingredients.

It’s easy to amaze your guests with your culinary creations.

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Ideal for cooking and BBQs on an open fire

We use CeraFlam® in products that need to retain heat and be fireproof. This type of ceramic is very rare and difficult to work with. CeraFlam has an extremely high heat retention capacity, around 3x higher than steel. This enables it to absorb large amounts of energy that it then radiates as heat over a long period. CeraFlam® has been tested and proven to be food-safe and flavour-neutral. Food will not stick to it. Ideal for cooking and frying.

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Cooking on the Celtic Cauldron is easy and food tastes delicious. 
It is a versatile and very attractive piece of tableware.
A practical and high-quality product handmade from ceramic.

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We offer the Celtic Cauldron in a great-value set with griddle / lid.
Vegetables, soufflés, meat or fish – anything is possible.
Amaze your guests with delicious dishes straight from the open fire.

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Use the Celtic Cauldron griddle for fish, meat, shrimps and much more.
Food won’t fall through the grille or stick to the steel. 
You can also use it as a lid or stand.

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