Denk in Switzerland

With the company Hein Feuerkonzepte we have a competent exclusive partner in Switzerland. Private customers and dealers are gladly advised and supported by Hein Feuerkonzepte. Our factory outlet is also located in their large exhibition. You can see all DENK products here one-to-one and experience some of them in operation. Enjoy a homemade yoghurt from our DENK yoghurt maker, experience a wax burner live and learn many valuable tips on the care and handling of DENK products. Practically all DENK products are in stock at Hein, you can take them with you, including a small factory discount.

Fair prices
The sales prices for Switzerland are largely adjusted to German prices, taking into account value-added tax. In order to cover the costs incurred in Switzerland, the price includes an appropriate surcharge. In order to be able to keep the prices stable over as long a period as possible, an exchange rate considered justified by the Swiss National Bank is applied for the currency conversion EUR / Fr. We must expressly reserve the right to deviate from this in exceptional cases.

About Hein Feuerkonzepte

The company Hein Feuerkonzepte, founded in 2010, is a nationally active company. Hein Feuerkonzepte is specialized in fireplace renovations and outdoor fire products. With their well-founded expert knowledge, the friendly and competent employees offer information by telephone or in person in the more than 300 sqm large exhibition in Buochs directly on Lake Lucerne. Hein Feuerkonzepte is looking forward to your call or visit and guarantees you friendly and competent advice, a smooth process and speedy dispatch of your orders.