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Feurio Our largest brazier

DENK braziers are handmade in Germany from CeraFlam®, the patent-protected DENK fire ceramic. No other ceramic material has such exceptional qualities. Natural fire ceramic whose material composition is the result of space research.

CeraFlam® is durably heat resistant, stores heat for a long time and does not age. CeraFlam® is only available from DENK. While the term brazier is used globally, the recipe for the ceramic compound is still our well kept secret today.

DENK braziers can and must be fuelled everywhere outside, both summer and winter. All DENK braziers are transportable. Using a DENK brazier you can create wonderful light, a homely atmosphere and comforting warmth in no time. You can also use any DENK brazier for grilling and roasting.

DENK CeraFlam® braziers keep their shape and service life after years of intensive use. The material will not wear. You can keep producing fire until heart's content. There isn't much to think about.

DENK braziers are used with wood. Wood coal can also be used for grilling.

Seven CeraFlam® ceramic elements are clipped into the sturdy stainless steel frame. The solid ceramic elements store the warmth of the fire for hours.

For barbecuing and roasting, simply mount the steel grill or matching pan, both available separately.

Feurio is child-friendly, stable and safe.

The Feurio is handmade in Germany from high-quality, natural CeraFlam® ceramic. 

CeraFlam® is protected by patent law.

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65 cm
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Weight 33 kg
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Feurio 7 ceramic elements CeraFlam®, stainless steel frame, instructions

CeraFlam ®

CeraFlam is totally fireproof and can store around three times more heat than steel. This type of ceramic is very rare and working with it demands a high level of skill.

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