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Light fires safely and ecologically with edible oil or leftover candles

Large amounts of energy are required to light firewood quickly and cleanly. The fire only really gets going once a flue draught has been built up. Insufficient starting energy leads to large amounts of harmful emissions, excessive amounts of fine particulate and unpleasant odours outdoors.

  • High-performance firelighter and stacking aid in one
  • Reusable and lastingly heat-resistant
  • Calorific heat value up to 1KWh when used with edible oil or wax
  • Fewer emissions of harmful substances because of higher starting power
  • Immediately creates a good flue draught
  • Better heat building
  • Can be used to light large pieces of wood
  • Uses ecological and economical fuels
  • Can be used with edible oil, leftover candles and ethanol gel
  • CeraFlam® ceramics for additional heat retention
  • Patent has been applied for and it is protected as a registered design
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Article DFA
Length 23 cm
Width 11 cm
Height 5,50 cm
Weight 800 g
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Firelighter CeraFlam®, instructions

CeraFlam ®

CeraFlam is totally fireproof and can store around three times more heat than steel. This type of ceramic is very rare and working with it demands a high level of skill.

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