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The patented Yoghurt maker

Fresh Yoghurt in an Instant

Make your own, fresh yoghurt in an instant with the Denk yoghurt maker. All you need is warm milk and three dessert spoons of yoghurt as a starting culture. Yoghurt is created when milk is transformed by special lactic acid bacteria. During this process, the lactose in the milk is mostly broken down. Unlike long-life, heat-treated yoghurt, freshly made yoghurt contains lots of active, lactic acid bacteria. This has a positive effect on intestinal flora and is good for digestion.

How does the Denk yoghurt maker work?

The high heat retention capacity and simultaneous low heat conductivity of our granite ceramic is crucial to the function of the Denk yoghurt maker. Granicium® retains heat around 20 times longer than steel. The feet of the Denk yoghurt maker ensure that little heat is transferred to the surface below. When the "cosy" is used as well, the milk cools down very slowly, over several hours, which is ideal for yoghurt-making. A patent for the Denk yoghurt maker has been applied for. 

Denk yoghurt is so easy to make

  1. Heat up to 600ml milk to around 80°C. You can measure the temperature in the pan using the thermometer supplied.
  2. Then, pour the milk into the yoghurt maker and put on the lid with the thermometer.
  3. At room temperature (approx. 20°–22°C), the milk will cool down to 45°–42°C within around 1 hour.
  4. Now whisk 3 dessert spoons of fresh yoghurt with the longest best-before date possible or a pinch of dried yoghurt cultures into the milk.
  5. Put the lid (without thermometer) back on again.
  6. Pull the knitted cosy over the top.

Next comes the fermentation process where the yoghurt bacteria get to work. The yoghurt maker should stand for around 8 hours at room temperature (approx. 20°–22°C), without being moved. The yoghurt will be ready to eat after this.

To make your next yoghurt, scoop out three dessert spoons of the fresh yoghurt and keep it in the fridge. Within three days, you will be able to use it to make fresh yoghurt again.

Features of granite ceramic 

The Granicium® Denk yoghurt maker is food-safe, acid-resistant, microwavable and dishwasher-safe.

Storage container with lid 

The yoghurt maker is also available as a container with closed lid for storing sweet, savoury or salty food. The lid is available separately as an addition to the yoghurt maker.

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Yoghurt maker with lid Granicium®, thermometer, knitted cosy, instructions

Granicium ®

Granicium is characterised by the properties of its raw material, granite. The high quartz and feldspar content makes this ceramic particularly robust and durable.

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