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Micro-Garden-Set Plant station for micro-greens

Create your own micro-garden, on your window sill, with or without green thumbs. Set it up, lay out the seeds, water them, watch them grow – ready for harvesting!

Micro-green pleasure for all:

  • A set consists of 2 micro-gardens
  • You will save 4.80 € compared to individual items
  • Allows for a continuous crop cycle Year-round micro-green cultivation at home
  • Tasty greens for salad, soups, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, sauces, dips, smoothies
  • Reusable, patented plant stone
  • Easy-care cultivation made possible thanks to ideal irrigation
  • No waterlogging, no smell
  • Harvest after 5 to 20 days
  • Patent pending
  • 15-year material guarantee

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Article MGS
18,50 cm
Height 10,50 cm
Weight 2,80 kg
Granicium ®

Granicium is characterised by the properties of its raw material, granite. The high quartz and feldspar content makes this ceramic particularly robust and durable.

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