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Wild Bee House CeraNatur®

Wild bees are essential for pollination. Unfortunately, though, their numbers have plummeted in recent years. With the Denk Wild Bee House, you can offer these endangered insects a species-appropriate nesting aid and, in turn, benefit from their daily pollination work.

  • Suitable for the most common solitary insects
  • With over 63 nesting tubes of different diameters
  • Developed in collaboration with the LBV (association for the protection of birds)
  • Settlement of wild bees in your garden results in improved fruit and vegetable yields
  • Woodpecker-proof – nesting tubes cannot be pecked open
  • Unlike reeds or wood, the nesting tubes do not have sharp edges – no risk of injury to the insects
  • Made from temperature regulating CeraNatur® ceramic 
  • Specially developed manufacturing technique
  • 15-year weather-proof guarantee 
  • Densely fired CeraNatur® ceramic protects against mould
  • High-quality, very solid, frost-proof, UV-resistant, sea water-resistant
  • Stores heat during the day and radiates it at night 
  • Easy to clean and hygienic 
  • Hanger on the back
  • Handmade in Germany
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Article WBH
Length 6,50 cm
Width 11,50 cm
Height 18 cm
Weight 1,80 kg
Scope of delivery

Wild Bee House made of CeraNatur® ceramic, detailed instructions

CeraNatur ®

CeraNatur is made from sandstone-coloured clay that is only found around Coburg, in Germany. Our frost-proof natural ceramic is characterised by high quality and durability.

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