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Earwig House Set with 3 Pieces

The earwig is a useful and harmless insect. They love to eat harmful greenfly that can cause large amounts of damage to fruit and flowers. Earwigs are useful to people as an organic form of pest control. Earwigs are nocturnal and return to their earwig house to sleep during the day. The earwig house will be occupied between the end of April and the end of October. The earwig house should be placed in a shady location, as close to the ground as possible, over a branch or a stick. The earwigs will soon get to work.

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Article OWH
3 cm
Height 12 cm
Weight 300 g
Scope of delivery

Earwig house, set with 3 pieces, instructions

CeraNatur ®

CeraNatur is made from sandstone-coloured clay that is only found around Coburg, in Germany. Our frost-proof natural ceramic is characterised by high quality and durability.

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