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  • Patented water activation with CeraActiv® ceramic activation cascade
  • Decentralised connection to the drinking water point (e.g. kitchen angle valve)
  • The device is maintenance-free and will function for a long period without wear
  • For self-assembly in any installation position. Ready for installation with connection set
  • Made in Germany

Technical data 

  • Made of white polypropylene
  • Activation cascade made of patented CeraAktiv ceramic, tested in accordance with TÜV / LGA
  • Operating pressure: min. 2 bar – max. 6 bar
  • Water temperature: 5 – 23 °C
  • Capacity: unlimited
  • Volumetric flow rate: max. 5 l/min*
  • Use: drinking water
  • Connection: 3/8 inch external thread
  • Pressure reduction: approx. 0.1 bar*
  • All components correspond to generally recognised codes of practice
  • The device meets the requirements of § 17(1) of the German drinking water regulation (Trinkwasser Verordnung)

*Values indicated depend on local water pressure.

Spring water in your home

Our 3Quellen technology brings us closer to the dream of fresh spring water. You can activate your mains water using a natural process that requires neither an electrical current nor any additives. Patented 3Quellen water activation combines three natural methods in one piece of equipment. Mains water is swirled in the 3Quellen water activator by means of shaped ceramic stones. Special minerals and ceramic micro surface structures also have an effect on the water. Our technology is easy to install into your water main, maintenance-free and will work for a long period without wear.

The 3Quellen principle for water activation

Water activation through swirling
The image of the rushing waters of a mountain stream makes the principle of “activated” water in nature easier to grasp. The built-in shaped ceramic stones create a vortex in the patented 3Quellen device. This dynamizes and activates the water.

Water activation through changes in charging properties
The charging properties of water change upon contact with silicate surfaces, which is why we make the shaped ceramic stones from CeraAktiv ceramic. The ceramic is only available from us. We developed it and we patented it. CeraAktiv is made of special silicate minerals, crystals, quartzes and feldspar stones that are not soluble in water.

Water activation through maximised surface
The shaped ceramic stones are produced with our patented Porosium® surface, which makes it possible to create up to 100 m2 of surface area for every gram of ceramic, achieving the tiniest structures and maximising the active surface. This boosts turbulence and the effect of contact.

The right filter for drinking water purification

To go with our 3Quellen devices, we also supply a depth filter for drinking water purification. Any harmful substances (e.g. medication residue, hormones, heavy metals) can be absorbed by a coconut membrane that does not alter the mineral content of your drinking water. The filter has been designed for installation on the drinking water point (e.g. kitchen), after the 3Quellen device. All connections are supplied for straightforward self-assembly.
If you want to combine the 3Quellen S device with a filter, you should install them at the same time. Feed the connecting pipes into the 3Quellen S device first and then into the filter. After installation, it is no longer possible to remove the self-locking connecting pipes. Otherwise the connection points and the connecting pipes will have to be exchanged in order to be able to subsequently connect both devices together.

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Article 3QUS
Length 7 cm
Width 13 cm
Height 12,50 cm
Weight 400 g