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3Quellen Pulsator

3Quellen Pulsator - Activating drinking water for home and mobile use

Building on our 3Quellen principle, the Pulsator uses three water activation techniques. The minerals and stones bound in the CeraActiv ceramic transfer their positive messages to the water, which is activated. The EM surface of the CeraAktiv ceramic functions as a catalyst.

  • Device for activating drinking water
  • For home and mobile use 
  • Turns tap water into active source water
  • The Pulsator is not susceptible to ageing and does not wear out. 
  • Designed for up to 2 litres of water
  • Made in Germany 


The Pulsator is designed for up to 2 litres of water. Fill a glass or ceramic container with tap water. Let the Pulsator stand in the water for at least ten minutes. Before drinking, turn the Pulsator to and fro for approx. 20 seconds. The turning time can be adjusted depending on the quality of the tap water and the quantity.

The Pulsator can stay in the water permanently. The longer the contact, the more positive the effect on the water. After some days, rinse the Pulsator in running water and put in a well-ventilated place to dry. Do not use any cleaning agents or detergents.

By making the Pulsator‘s rims coarse, the typically crystalline structure of the bound minerals rapidly becomes apparent. This can, however, cause scratches on the container – please use the Pulsator carefully to avoid scratching.

Structure and functionality

The Pulsator consists of a specially-shaped activation lens made of CeraAktiv ceramic. The handle is made of reactively neutral V4 stainless steel of drinking water quality. We have applied for a patent for the Pulsator and it is protected.


The Pulsator is not susceptible to ageing and does not wear out. We give a 10-year guarantee. Made in Germany.

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3Quellen Pulsator